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Why Read A Food Safety Book Before Starting A Catering Business?

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When you get into the foodservice industry, the first thing you need to understand is how to handle and prepare food safely. When you are a caterer, your image means everything, so you want to make sure your presentation from the supermarket to your customers’ plates is the very best.  Taking a food safety course is one thing you should do, but you should also read a book about food safety. Read More»

Top Benefits Of Buying Books For Your Child

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Reading is a fundamental skill that is important for an entire lifetime. Fostering reading during childhood is an essential way to ensure that a child grows into an adult who possesses the necessary reading skills to excel. One of the easiest ways to promote a love of reading is by purchasing books for your child to enjoy. Some of the top benefits of buying books for your kids include the following. Read More»

Does Your Life Bring You Down Or Cause Anxiety? Reading A Bessie Stringer Biography May Help

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Women across many generations have suffered from severe anxiety and depression. When these issues strike you, it can be very difficult to get inspiration. Thankfully, reading a biography of Bessie Stringerfield might help to get you out of your funk. Women And Anxiety Are Too Common Bedfellows The unfortunate reality of depression and anxiety is that women suffer from them at very high levels. Many women suffer from discrimination in the workplace or at home or may simply find it hard to balance their lives. Read More»

How To Build Your Home Library

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Are you an avid reader? Perhaps in the past you have mostly checked books out of the library. If you have decided that you want to own your own collection of books, from selecting coffee table books to including historical novels, here are some ideas that might help you to build your home library. Own What You Have Loved In The Past Do you find yourself returning to favorite books and rediscovering them as you read? Read More»