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Pushing Your Child Creatively And Mentally This Holiday Season

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The holidays are a time where kids and adults alike take a time out on the hustle and bustle and come together to relax and love each other before the year is over. This is why so many great memories revolve around Christmas. Whether Christmas is more of a religious holiday for you or just a time to express gratitude and cheer, there are plenty of memories to be enjoyed. With this said, make sure that you are using this time off from work and school to still stimulate your child's mind for growth, skills, and education. 

Follow these tips to give your child a mental push while still creating some holiday memories. 

Mix reading with Christmas cheer to build memories and shape your child's mind

Stock up on some books that your child will love this holiday season. That way, you can push their mind while embracing the holiday spirit. There are plenty of Christmas books that you can purchase that your child will love, and which will have them anticipating that special day. Even if your child isn't yet at reading age, don't hesitate to buy them storybooks that will stimulate their minds. 

For instance, you can buy them a Christmas picture book about Santa's beard that is both interesting and creative. That way, they'll be able to have some fun and get immersed in a story that stimulates their imagination. Don't hesitate to throw in candy canes, hot chocolate, and stocking stuffers to go all in to create memories while reading these stories to your child. 

Let them flex their creativity with art projects

As you stimulate your child's mind, make sure you give them a chance to exercise some creative output also. The holidays mark the perfect time for art projects that will give you some quality bonding time with your child. You can paint, draw and color, and can take turns telling stories around the fireplace. If your child has an artistic leaning, they can practice drawing the pictures they see in their books, and you can come up with creative prompts for them to follow.

This way, you are working both sides of their brain, allowing them to mix holiday memories with some stimulating activity that will challenge them, make them smarter and help them to flex their creative muscles. 

Follow these tips so that you can push your child mentally and creatively this holiday season.