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Why Read A Food Safety Book Before Starting A Catering Business?

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When you get into the foodservice industry, the first thing you need to understand is how to handle and prepare food safely. When you are a caterer, your image means everything, so you want to make sure your presentation from the supermarket to your customers' plates is the very best. 

Taking a food safety course is one thing you should do, but you should also read a book about food safety. A book about food safety and food toxicology will help inform you on the basics of handling all types of foods — from beverages to raw meats — and will also teach you how to deal with illnesses associated with foodborne issues and will also teach you how to prevent food dangers in your kitchen. Here are reasons to invest in a food safety book when you are starting a food catering business.

You learn how to select proper foods

Some foods are bad before you even buy them. A book on food safety will teach you not only how to keep foods safe to eat after buying them, but how to select healthy and fresh produce in the store, to begin with. Some foods — such as meats and vegetables — can look good on the outside but may be harboring bacteria and other types of decay. You want only the best in your catering business, so learn how to tell the difference between healthy produce and produce that is starting to go bad by investing in a book about food safety.

You learn how to handle and prepare foods

Do you know how long you can keep raw eggs on the counter before they start to spoil? How do you handle raw chicken once you have it out of the package? What do you do with the food packages of raw meats you bring into your kitchen? What cleaning supplies are best when handling food cleanup?

These are all questions you'll answer when you read a book on food safety and toxicology. Keep this book on-hand for quick referencing whenever you are in your kitchen. When in doubt, refer to the chapters that relate to what you are doing in the kitchen, so you don't make a mistake that can potentially make someone sick.

When you prepare foods right in the kitchen, you keep a catering business that will run successfully. Your food safety book will cover all the bases you need to learn about.