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Does Your Life Bring You Down Or Cause Anxiety? Reading A Bessie Stringer Biography May Help

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Women across many generations have suffered from severe anxiety and depression. When these issues strike you, it can be very difficult to get inspiration. Thankfully, reading a biography of Bessie Stringerfield might help to get you out of your funk.

Women And Anxiety Are Too Common Bedfellows

The unfortunate reality of depression and anxiety is that women suffer from them at very high levels. Many women suffer from discrimination in the workplace or at home or may simply find it hard to balance their lives. When this happens, it is very easy to get down on yourself and assume that life is a difficult struggle for only you.

That is simply not the case. Millions of women throughout history have struggled to achieve success. And many have done so in spite of serious barriers. One successful woman, Bessie Stringerfield, was an African-American motorcyclist who overcome difficult odds and who achieved the kind of success she never imagined possible.

Bessie Stringerfield Is An Inspirational Example 

Bessie Stringerfield was an incredible woman who broke many rules and created an amazing example for women of all races. She was the first woman to travel across the country alone on a motorcycle and did eight long-distance solo rides across the nation. In fact, she fearlessly rode through the Deep South during the days of frightening racial divides.

Though Bessie was born into a difficult world in which she wasn't given many advantages, she was able to rise above it and serve as an incredible example. As a result, it is a good idea for women who suffer from severe anxiety to use her as an example of how to get out of a rut and succeed.

Using Bessie As An Example

Women who are suffering from anxiety and depression can use Bessie's example in a variety of ways. Reading a biography of her could serve as an inspiration for more difficult times in your life. Even if you don't literally buy a motorcycle and take off on the road, you can use Stringerfield's strong example to beat your anxiety and depression.

And you can even emulate her love of travel by taking off to visit other parts of the world. These include

So if you find yourself struggling to live a happy life free of depression, reading a biography of an African American biker like Bessie Stringerfield could help shake you out of your rut. And if not, there are many other incredible motorcyclists and women whom you can look up to as a source of inspiration.